Name Bastion Location The Pilgrim’s Coast
Population 100,000 Allegiance The Empire


Bastion is the melting pot of the empire, its architecture and people represent a smattering of influences from all corners of the continent. In it’s heyday it served as the Empire’s primary sea port and thus served as a place of frequent visitation for anyone even remotely involved in commerce. In order to bolster activity and business the empire substantially relaxed the presence of the imperial guard, causing thieves, smugglers, and pirates from all over the empire to come out of the woodwork and flock to the new safe haven for thievery that came to be known as “Rogue’s Bastion”.

The freedoms offered to those in Bastion combined with the huge revenues from maritime trade caused a cultural explosion in the area, and its values began to quickly drift far away from those of the empire. Many in the area clamored for independence from imperial laws and taxation. Imperials largely discounted these claims, because the riff-raff of the distant port city were largely disorganized and at worst served as a minor hindrance to trade. Concern rose greatly when the thieves of the city united under one leader against the empire. No one really knows where The Shadow came from or who he really is, but 300 years ago he managed to unite the wildly disparate burglar rings and gangs under his banner. To this day many residents of Bastion, despite their fervent disregard for each other, are fiercely loyal to The Shadow who they claim still lives and leads them to this day. The Shadow led riots and protests against the empire’s grip, but stayed short of declaring a full on war of independence. A particular point of contention was the prohibition the empire imposed on their holdings which led to the so called “Whiskey Wars” where armed caravans brought large quantities of alcohol into the city leaving a trail of imperial guard’s bodies behind them.

The empire was sent into a panic about the events transpiring in Bastion. Legend has it that The Shadow himself journeyed to Capitol City and convinced the empire to appoint him governor of the city. In truth, the Empire’s interest in foreign trade by that point was sharply declining, and many citizens cared little for what went on in the seaside metropolis. Their only concern was to continue receiving the hefty tax revenues and to stem the tide of the slaughter of imperial guards in the city. In this way by appointing The Shadow the Empire was able to achieve both its goals and still retain possession of the city. Regardless of the mutual benefits of The Shadow’s appointment, Bastion is still proudly considered by many of its inhabitants to be “the city stolen from the Empire”.

Featured In

*The Empire's Shadow


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