Lucien Moonshadow

Vital Stats

Name: Lucien Moonshadow Age: Unknown
Race: Elf Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer/Neuromancer Current Status: Alive


Lucien was a member of Thorin’s party, which stood against the Empire before the Mercenary’s Guild was involved in the conflict. Over their adventures he developed a strong friendship with Thorin, and there is some evidence to even suggest he was in love with him. At some point Lucien found The Wizard’s Glass which drew from him the emotion of fear. He used it heavily until he became addicted. He saw that Horace Bartleby Senior was going to betray the party but at that point he was so consumed by the glass that his party no longer believed him.

Instead of helping the party fend off he ambush that killed them, Lucien left them. He would eventually try to get Alysha to create a new identity for him and rid him of the addiction, but did not go through with it. Later in life he became a powerful and wealthy ally of Daven and The Mercenary’s Guild. When Daven was forming a second party to collect The Crystals Lucien was invited to join, but still feeling the effects of the glass, sent his son Davian instead.

After Davian’s death Lucien entered a spiral of guilt and depression, making him come to the decisions to end his own life. The party managed to save him just before he burned himself alive.

Appears In

Lucien Moonshadow

Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby